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Healthcare Reform - An Olympian Task Understood


"ESCAPE FIRE exposes the perverse nature of American healthcare, contrasting the powerful forces opposing change with the compelling stories of pioneering leaders and the patients they seek to help. The film is about finding a way out. It’s about saving the health of a nation."

Source: www.escapefiremovie.com

The advantage of being a motivational keynote speaker is I can write off research. We saw this indie movie and highly recommend you check it out. My 'tax write off' turned into a change of heart about the US Healthcare system - and IT should not be written off.

There's a classic line in the movie where a fellow returns to the emergency room to treat chest pains. The doctor lists all the things he needs to do reverse his unhealthy lifestyle. She then asks him, "Do you think you can stop smoking, eating fatty foods and exercise?"

He replies, "I would if I knew what the problem was I would."

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