Accelerated Letting Go (Motivational Keynote Speaker Message)

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Jul 10, 2012 @ 05:53 PM

As a motivational keynote speaker...

you always seek solutions for others.

Think of an issue weighing on you. It could be a misunderstanding or difficult negotiation. It could be emotionally charged - infertility or a marriage in meltdown. In every case, for the solution, you need more than just – What to do? -- How to be? must also be part your approach. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could speed up the how to be part?

motivational keynote speaker Meet Ray Thoma, founder of The Float Spot . Ray, a former professional athlete, knows improved performance comes from body and mind recovery. Having ‘floated’ over 200 times as part of my mental training towards the ’92 Olympics it was interesting to experience 20 years of advancement in recent float sessions.

With pods updated from rectangular shapes (constantly dripping salted condensation into your face) the new tanks boast a ripple and drip free experience. Effectively, the sensory awareness tanks stimulate faster recovery – both mentally and physically.

Good news for eliminating pesky aches. From pregnant women to the weekend warrior – the paltry cup of salt in a bathtub is laughable when compared to 1,100 pounds of Epsom salt in 12 inches of body-temperature water. Your muscles and joints feel a profound sense of rest from the relaxing seven-foot pod. Compound this restorative effect with a settling of the mind and the benefits are profound and sustaining. Simply speaking – deprive your five senses of all disruptions for an hour and you effectively let go of what occupies the worry part of the brain.

Ray puts it this way. “We live in a world of non-stop, 360-degree chatter. We are looking for an escape, from pain, anxiety, stress, responsibilities, cell phones. We want to think clearly - without distractions. Sometimes we just want to feel good. Floating is the ultimate reset button for our mind and body.”

Consider studies of women struggling with getting pregnant. In a 2009 IVF - infertility study , the approach of effectively letting-go showed a positive correlation with pregnancy rates. “Women who try to be actively in control may pay a higher price in terms of pregnancy probabilities.” In other words: Let go and your results improve. Strategies like deep breathing and meditation can help. Spend 60 minutes in a float tank and you accelerate the benefits of letting go.

According to Helen Adrienne in Psychology Today , “Most folks find it much harder to let go of emotional upset than physical tension.  It's common to think that unless you can sit as still as a Tibetan monk - you're not accomplishing anything.” She goes on to say, “The relief may be short-lived, but with commitment to "letting go" as needed, you can realize providing yourself with relief puts you back in the driver's seat of your life.”

Feeling like you’re in control of your life is that magical combination of freedom and self-determination. Funny to think the best first-step to this kind of control is letting go. Even better, if you could easily float your issues away.

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