Strategic Leadership by Vince Poscente

Strategic Leaders Target the Eyes, Head and Heart

Leadership, whether it is from the C-suite or the speaker's platform, hits home with a powerful sequence of communication. To better remember how strategic leadership is most effective is to associate with three body parts.

Vince_on_chair_long_shot_V2The Eyes - Get their Attention. When delivering a message about the direction you want your people to go, get their attention by having them think, "This is different." The opposite tactic, more common, and painfully ineffective is to share a message they have seen before. Anything from a cliche to a robotic, good morning will be the beginning of your audience or employees thinking, "I've heard this before." This is why Vince Poscente opens by standing on a chair to describe what it is like to ski at 135 mph.

The Head - Get them Thinking. Powerful leaders have strategic insights to deliver impact and influence. Your audience of coworkers will shift their direction when they think, "Gee, I haven't thought of it that way." This happens when you, the strategic leaders touch on material that is innovative or counter intuitive. Deliver content they already know and you will lose them. For example, if Vince Poscente said, "You must compete to win" (a common phrase) then the audience will switch off. Instead, he explains the concept, "Do what the competition is not willing to do." This is supported by strategic tactics that will help each person working at the organization execute at a higher level. The audience members mind needs to be challenged not pandered to.

The Heart - Get them Feeling. When people connect with their emotion they take action. Strategic leadership is not manipulative communication, it is an open, honest and vulnerable conversation. When a leader is speaking from the heart and not a teleprompter, he or she is connecting at a deeper level. When your audience goes, "Gee, I like this person," they follow your lead - your strategic leadership. Vince Poscente is a master communicator who can echo the message of strategic leaders in an attention grabbing, innovative and heartfelt way.


  • The Eyes - Get their attention, "This is different."
  • The Head - Get them thinking, "I hadn't thought of it that way."
  • The Heart - Get them feeling, "I will follow the person I like."

 Vince Poscente delivers an eye popping, mind blowing, heart pumping motivational keynote speech. Ask us about how partnering with Vince Poscente will help you with strategic leadership.

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