Transformational Change by Vince Poscente

Fear of the Unknown has an Annoying Cousin,

Fear of the Unimagined

In order for your people to dive headlong into transformational change, their imagination first needs to be ignited. How? Three simple approaches:


  1. It's Story Time. Be sure your employees and front line are given stories about transformational change. Starting at the early ages of cognitive thought, humans continue to identify with stories. They are impacted with stories carrying a lesson or message. Master communicators who can draw their audience into a story have the influence to inspire change and transformation.
  2. Experiential Examples. A bucket of examples on your people's heads to prove your point is only partially effective. Examples alone are interesting at best and forgettable at worst. Examples that illicit an experience is like adding rocket fuel to leadership's desire to transform their culture. You never forget an experience that moves you. Connecting the dots with experiential examples is like handing a veritable roadmap to each stakeholder in the meeting room.
  3. Feel the Fever Then the Deliver the Medicine. Time and again, Vince Poscente, an expert in accelerating transformational change, is part of a "Reality - Remedy Combo" at a corporate or association conference. "Reality" is the visionary leader's perspective(s). He or she stands up and gives a state of the union. His or her job is both to explain the past and define the future. Their optimism is always tempered with a reality check. "This is where we are and where we need to be." The audience aspires to higher ground along with a dose of anxiety of how they will get there. Enter, the "Remedy" with a Big Goals keynote sharing stories and delivering experiential examples. Audiences can feel overwhelmed attending a few days at a conference. Give them the remedy with a 'second opinion.' 

Getting past roadblocks to transformation and change does not have to be a long and arduous process. This is the reason for investing in a regular conference or all-hands-on-deck meeting. The return on investment of holding a special event, and bringing in a master communicator to partner with your leaders' messaging can be summed up in two words, Transformational Change.


  • Be sure your presenters are master story tellers.
  • Ensure your speakers are equipped to give experiential examples.
  • Count on your leaders and guest speaker to coordinate their comments to have the perfect Reality-Remedy Combo.

Eliminate fear of the unimagined. Spark the future your organization is waiting to create. Ignite your people's imagination and innovative juices so they embrace change and transformation to reach big goals in short order.

This article is provided by the Big Goals Fast Institute. BGFI helps meeting planners and corporate executives deliver transformational change. Should you wish to learn how our founder, Vince Poscente can deliver an invigorating keynote designed to impact and influence employees to reach big goals in record time click here.

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