Vince is NOT an old-school Motivational Keynote Speaker

If your meeting objectives include:

  • Sales Training
  • Employee motivation
  • Building leadership confidence 
  • Personal growth in a business context  

Consider Vince Poscente for your next event.

Hundreds of Fortune 500 corporate events have gone past old-style motivation with this thought leader to uniquely open or close their convention. 


His practical, 3-step process to speed up goal achievment applies in a variety of settings. Whether as an entertaining after dinner speaker or as a guest speaker during the day, Vince Poscente is the cure for a lack of motivation, the antidote to stop procrastination and the guide for getting out of a rut.

Messages of inspiration in his "recreational skier to Olympian in just four years" reveal words of wisdominspirational stories and innovation in the workplace.