Motivating IT Professionals at State Farm Insurance

Dear Vince,

On behalf of State Farm Insurance®, it is with great pleasure that we thank you for presenting at our 2013 IT Symposium event! The excitement that was generated throughout and outside of our IT department because of the event has been contagious and well received by analysts and leadership of all levels.

Where we stand today, and our success as a company, is a direct result of the value our customers see in all of us and their relationship with State Farm. How we differentiate ourselves from the competition tomorrow is by acknowledging the changing preferences and expectations of our customers through the development of an integrated customer platform,  meeting multiple needs; and delivering consistently remarkable customer experiences while changing ourselves.  State Farm has jumped head first into this, similar to barreling downhill at high speeds, we just hope to keep our skis together and roll with it!

The feedback we’ve received has been very positive.  Below* is what we did receive.  We thank you once again for your Keynote speech, the laughter and bridging the similarities was very well received across the State Farm.  We truly couldn’t have held such a successful event without your contribution!

Kristie Galindo and Cheri Raymond - 2013 IT Symposium Co-Leads

*Feedback for 2013 IT Symposium Sessions

Session:                  Closing Keynote - Vince Poscente - BIG GOALS in Short Order

Speaker(s):           Vince Poscente


  • Great way to correlate agility, determination and setting goals to the direction State Farm is heading today.
  • Excellent speaker with a very timely message.
  • Entertaining and relevant. 
  • Fantastic speaker with a great message!
  • Excellent speaker!
  • Great speaker; Tied all points together; Keep audience attention;
  • Vince is one of the best speakers I have heard at State Farm.  He provided a great message with awesome humor.  Many times I had to wipe my eyes because I was laughing so hard.  His talk has given me a lot to think about as I try to reach my goals at State Farm and in my life.  Thanks so much for bringing such a dynamic speaker to State Farm.
  • This was an excellent session!  A good way to end the day and provide motivation in our changing environment!
  • Vince Poscente is an AMAZING speaker!  I thoroughly enjoyed this session and will recommend to people that if they ever get the chance to hear him speak, they MUST attend.  He delivered a very energizing and inspiring message.  Thanks to the IT Symposium team for bringing him in!  I will be signing up for his 70 second e-briefs!
  • Great presenter, very energetic.  A good way to end a day of sessions filled with technical content.
  • This was a very motivating presentation.  Even though the session ran late and was the last session of the day, you could tell that people were not rushing to leave.  The speaker kept the audience fully engaged and laughing. 
  • Very good speaker to close out the symposium on a high note.
  • Great speaker, very energetic, fun, and engaging.   I did get a little lost trying to follow along with what his main points were given he jumped around a lot in the presentation with humor.  His story is remarkable, but I'm not sure I really caught all the main points that I could apply to having fast goals in my work and life settings.
  • A wild and fun diversion, but not very applicable to our ongoing work.
  • I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  We do need to have fun at work - it releases endorphins that allow us to work smarter, quicker and better.  Work has become stressful and tense - leaders and subordinates alike.  Like Vince said - we need to have FUN.   Vince had a great message too for reaching what seem to be unreachable goals.   I will be watching the video to get it one more time.  Thank you.
  • Excellent speaker and made you want to go get something.
  • Vince was quite possibly the best speaker I have heard ever.  Entertaining yet getting his point across.  Love it!!
  • Excellent speaker, very entertaining and good subject.
  • Excellent session. I hope it was recorded and will be made available for others to hear.
  • "Superb! Vince energized the crowd with his style and his message. What a great way to end the Symposium, I wish more people were present.
  • ""Have No Regrets"" - a message each and every State Farmer should take to heart and give it all. "
  • This was the best session of the whole day.  I laughed so hard I cried, I cried, I learned a lot.  This was an awesome presentation and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  My hat is off to whoever found Vince.  Good job.
  • "Vince was an excellent speaker to end the session, high energy, practical life applications could be applied and he gave us something to really think about, especially the conscious and subconscious information.
  • The fact about having Fun also was a great way to incorporate Goals and Business.   Would like to see him back.
  • Excellent speaker, energetic and had some good points to share.
  • Vince was such an amazing speaker!  He had such energy from the beginning until the end.  He was so good all involving the audience, and his message really hit home through his experiences and his humor.  I would definitely like to see him speak again!
  • "I put in the above question I did not know the content of this session not because it was not available but because I think Keynotes are to have a bit of a surprise element. Yes, it was a surprise and well needed one at the end of the day.  Vince was just what State Farm needed!!  It is great to see that State Farm recognizes the importance of its people and willing to go the extra mile to give them a top rate Motivational speaker who knew our goals and put it all together with his life experiences.   If he can do what he did in four years on his own I know we can make the ICP a differentiating experience for our customers with the best in our industry being part of this remarkable work force(family)  at State Farm.  I am also glad to see Systems pull off a keynote speaker that pushed the boundaries of our once traditional conservative environments. Got to like when you see traditional HR managers close their ears, turn the other way, but have their eyes focused on Vince just to see what he has in store next.  I commend the folks who pushed the envelope to get approval to bring a chair skiing fun loving Steve Martin and up look alike into State Farm and within Systems to boot!!  Awesome closing to a great conference!!!  
  • Vince was probably the best speaker I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.  He was laugh out loud funny.  I did this session over lync and was at home alone cracking up.  I wish everyone had gotten the opportunity to hear him.
  • Vince Poscente was an excellent choice for a presenter!
  • I'm sure anyone who attended over lync was disappointed at not being there in person!
  • By far the most inspirational speaker of any session I attended.