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Make this year's meeting radically different.



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 How Radical Safety Works 

 Are your people frustrated with mounting regulations alongside continuing field incidents? Do you maintain implementation of safety programs while seeing the same, year-over-year, results? Radical Safety is an approach that is the opposite of conventional wisdom. Vince Poscente stands for a long-term impact within a safety conscious culture.  While other speakers focus on avoiding mistakes and embracing additional policies, Vince goes directly at the heart of the neuroscience of safety. "When people change their minds, they change their results." 

Vince Poscente tight headshotVince Poscente has a prolific background regarding safe outcomes in volatile situations. He is as an Olympian (skiing at 135 mph down a mountain) or leading climbing expeditions in the Himalayas (zero incident in 14 years) he is an expert in improving on the job performance and safety. His leadership approach with Radical Safety covers "must haves" for every employee:

  • Clarity - an "emotional buzz" connection to job performance.
  • Commitment - the shift from episodic buy-in to continuous commitment.
  • Consistency - an itemized approach physical, technical, mental and financial preparedness.
  • Confidence - the relationship of fear and confidence; directly tied to peak job performance.
  • Control - ideal routines are the cornerstone of superior and safe outcomes.

Safety books by Vince Poscente

"When safety is personal, the entire organization can achieve zero incident."

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Vince Poscente is a hall of fame speaker in the USA and Canada. He is a New York Times bestselling author and is rated by Meetings and Conventions as a Top 10 speaker in the world. Bring in Vince for your best safety meeting ever.


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Radical Safety Keynote

Your audience will experience a motivational keynote full of practical tools for the safety mindset. 

Vince Poscente Safety Speaker Testimonials

Client Testimonials

In 45 seconds, here's what 12 people have to say about the value Vince Poscente brought to their meetings.

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The Neuroscience of Safety at Work

Radical Safety is more than just a keynote. It is a solution oriented formula dedicated to long-term, company-wide impact. Check out our articles and podcasts.