With Patience and Trust

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Mar 31, 2023 @ 08:02 AM

How will you sustain value from your messaging?

What has retention power? It’s a fact that swag alone, from some factory made in a far-away-land, falls short.

Maya Angelou and The EarthquakeTim and Maureen booked the Las Vegas venue. They put hundreds of hours into ensuring their clients would get maximum value during their clients’ commitment to attend the two-day conference.

Time and again - conference planners default to a backpack or coffee mug with the logo of the event. The assumption is the attendee would correlate a positive experience whenever they see their swag. Of course - Maya Angelou’s "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” is apropos. But why stop there?

What if your speaker made them FEEL awesome AND they took home a keepsake that had SUSTAINED value? Organizers Tim and Maureen got that.

💡They purchased a book for every single attendee.
💡No one throws a book out.
💡More than ever before, actual paper (aka a non-digital book) is a novelty.
💡 BEST OF ALL the book directly supported content, storytelling, and notes taken during my presentation experience.

Sustain value after your messaging. Ensure there’s retention power for a message that made your audience feel they’re in the right place at the right time. They’ll never forget your investment of time and money.

In addition... 
It’s the best little hen house in Texas. Its eggs provide some crackin’ good business lessons. Today’s post is about unreasonable timelines some well-meaning leaders expect in a world of instant gratification.
Hens brood. It’s not the angry neighbor brooding you might be thinking of. It’s an instinct that a hen sits on eggs until they hatch. The problem with our hens and their seven-second memory banks, they keep forgetting we don’t have a rooster. Hence, their eggs aren’t fertilized. Brooding hens don’t leave their eggs until they hatch. They barely eat or drink. They take commitment to a whole new level of stubbornness. These ‘girls’ practically kill themselves with weeks of uninformed optimism. Therefore, “Don’t tolerate it. Go with it.”
Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 7.58.40 AM
Where do you get fertilized eggs? Google knows where the gaggles are. Put those rooster-inspired eggs under said Stubborn Hen. Now, you wait. A couple of weeks later, chicks start hatching.
That was six – long - months ago. These hatchlings figured out how to survive. We’re somewhat Darwinian around here. We wanted out kids to figure out how the world works. We avoided helicopter and snowplow parenting. We’re significantly more hands-off when it comes to chickens. We leave it up to the mother hen to help her adopted young ins navigate their surroundings.
If you’ve visited our one-acre backyard is a mini wild kingdom. Predators abound. To our amazement, five of six chicks beat the odds and survived to finally produce our first harvest of eggs.
It took nearly six months from bringing these beings into existence to produce results. We gave them the environment to be safe and thrive. They sorted out their pecking order and routines.
Leaders who expect unreasonable productivity timelines take note. With patience and trust in the process, the results are delicious.
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Living Your Question and Decisions

Posted by Vince Poscente on Thu, Mar 30, 2023 @ 07:47 AM

How will I serve with love?

This question is pervasive 365 days a year. It’s a question that I live by. It’s a question instead of a statement. It is the direction on my compass that I keep checking in with.

It’s my question. It may not be your ideal question. Therefore:

What intrinsic question resonates with how you wish to live your life?

how will i serve with loveYears ago I took a course put on by Context Associated. They delivered a profound set of self-development courses where one realization led to the next.

The first course I took was called The Pursuit of Excellence. The salesperson, now a friend, pitched it when I was preparing to go to compete in the Olympic Winter Games. Silently I wondered, “What do I need to learn about excellence when I’m already going to the Olympics?” (It turns out I had a mountain of self-discovery to experience.)

The subsequent courses revealed more and more about how I could live fully.

The value of taking a course with other people is you can hear their journey and learn from external insights. It was the single most important thing I did in my life (at a time when my first marriage was in shambles). That marriage ended but the growth continued.

By the final course, I learned a bunch of ways to thrive. The most valuable takeaway was how to live IN my question.

What is your question? What has no answer beyond what is answerable (dare I say “livable”) right now?

Living in this moment ➡️ living in your question ➡️ may be the path to inner peace.

How will I serve with love?

Making great decisionsAlso...we humans don’t make sense sometimes. We think the best time to make a rational decision is when we’re comfortable. But we are frequently inclined to pivot when we are emotional, uncomfortable, or both. What’s up with that?
If I had a soap box it would be placed in the middle of “Safety Square.” The world of corporate safety is a fascinating reflection of the human condition. When things are good, and no one is getting hurt, the safety initiatives are generally on autopilot. But the second an incident occurs a call for improvement is enforced. When people get hurt or killed, a commitment to change has the full attention of everyone.
Regarding commitment, whether it is safety at work, home, play, or in relationships, the secret lies in seeking discomfort.
No one likes to seek uncomfortable feelings - but that is where change is inspired.
Recall the yin and yang symbol. Rational decisions mix with emotional decisions. Get too emotional and logic fades away. Stick to pure logic and decisions have no urgency.
Paradoxically, get too comfortable and urgency is elusive. Get too uncomfortable and decisions become desperate.
John F. Kennedy said, “The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.” Do we do this? Of course not. We wait until it rains while a leak causes more damage than was necessary.
We, humans, could make better decisions.
We could embrace the optimum zone in The Commitment Paradox.
But that makes too much sense.

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Activate Purpose and Live It Fully

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Mar 28, 2023 @ 07:26 AM

A person living ‘on purpose’ is happier.


An organization acting ‘on purpose’ is united. A culture exhibiting its purpose is magnetic. People want to be around people who activate their purpose. The question for activators and leaders is how and how fast can I make that happen?

Activate purpose in your lifeThere are headwinds. They are internal doubts and external uncertainty. Activate purpose and you’ll decode all aspects of your personal mission. Look for signposts and tools to propel you forward.

Inside your head and heart, there is fear, ego, childhood setbacks, relationship trainwrecks, financial hiccups, situational deficiencies, imagined roadblocks, and real-time challenges that all mess with the path to living a purpose-focused life. It is all too easy for others to say, “Find your purpose!”

Another headwind is the competition that is all around you. It could be you think that…

➡️ Fantasizing about comfort and security all you want, your competition probably has an agenda that does not include you.

➡️ Getting a job over someone else is in your face.

➡️ Winning a contract over a worthy opponent is weighing on you.

➡️ Capturing your share-of-wallet would eliminate some stress.

➡️ Overcoming paralyzing losses might hold you down.

➡️ Leaving a job for greener pastures plops you in the middle of a field of uncertainty.

How will you stay centered, relevant, and indispensable? How will your team supersede other rivals? How will others know you have their backs?

With my clients, I offer tools for Zenlike equanimity and Ninja-like scrappiness. Meanwhile, self-determination will be augmented by the speed of execution. How wisely they proceed will reveal how far they can exceed their own expectations and those of others.

It all starts with activating purpose.


living in the sweet spot of purposeWhen he was a kid, he dreamed about touring. Dreams have a price. Get this - to open for a headliner, emerging bands like About You, need to pay for food, transportation, lodging, and gear. Yikes!! Below, Max gives us a lesson in getting funded.
People are motivated in two ways.
Fear, Loss, Pain
Love, Gain, Pleasure
He inspires both.
Max's most popular song, MoNa (MOther NAture) wants us to come together and save the planet.
A few months ago, he crowdfunded this goal. "Our goal? Raise a minimum of $10,000 to make this tour more sustainable - every bit makes a difference! Both for the band and the environment.” They came close to their target and went on tour.
When you see social advertising or tv/radio ads you see a

➡️ fear of loss/pain approach or an

➡️ opportunity to gain approach.
“Fear is a more powerful motivator than the opportunity to gain.”
Political ads jockey for your vote. They may demonize “the enemy” while pinpointing the loss and pain if that “horrible person” gets elected. This tactic triggers the amygdala, the brain’s gateway. This fear part of the brain control motivators of anger and disgust. Fear limits information to getting to the prefrontal cortex where good judgment and interpreting long-term consequences are triggered. Another part of the brain (VTA) is also throttled, thereby limiting feelings of reward and pleasure.
So, for those of us who are motivated by fear, we may feel compelled to lock arms with About You in their mission to tour with sustainable initiatives.
For those of us who are motivated to be a benefactor of the arts (or just believe in Max) got a shot of your brain’s feel-good dopamine by supporting the tour.
Max demonstrated we can leverage both fear and love to live the dream.

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One Way to Develop Character

Posted by Vince Poscente on Mon, Mar 27, 2023 @ 07:14 AM

Who sets out to build character?

Maybe someone who has hit rock bottom and realizes a different way is needed. Possibly someone who doesn’t like what they see in the mirror? It could be a simple case of just trying to be a better person.

Helen Keller perceived it this way, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
How to develop character.
Any way you approach the development of character, chances are it will be a path of either discipline or a dose of ‘ye shall overcome.’ Ease and quiet is definitely a curl up and enjoy this moment but driving forward and skinning knees is going to be a way to a richer life experience.

Is there a way to enjoy trials and struggles? Look to your character to answer that riddle:

💡 Are you curious? Then make your curiosity character trait front and center. Take away learning from this challenge.

💡 Are you creative? Do you get energy from the process of seeing the world in a new and fun way? Then ensure you fashion your approach creatively.

💡 Are you a solution-oriented person? Does the feeling of solving problems give you the spice of life?

There are myriad ways to develop your character. You can both grow by choice or circumstance.

Either way, let’s grow.

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From Holding-Off to the Middle of Uncertainty

Posted by Vince Poscente on Sun, Mar 26, 2023 @ 06:38 AM

I hesitated even sending out this post today. Simply because it’s so basic and obvious. But consider this post for those of us who are holding off on starting a project.

For those of us who need to be certain of all the next steps. This is for you.

Just start.

Things in motion tend to stay in motion. So set your project in motion by simply starting.

➡️ Open a door and see what’s behind it.
➡️ Make a call with someone who knows the space you’re entering.
➡️ Trust the answers will appear as you proceed.

Momentum needs a start. Yes, this is obvious but uncertainty stands in the way of starting a project. Despite momentum being the key to success, its precursor, “starting” can be intimidating. Consider this your nudge to start.

For those who know exactly what’s going to unfold - kudos. You’re ahead of the curve. This message is for the rest of us who will learn along the way.

Again... just start.

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If Your Lips are Moving, You're Selling Something

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Feb 10, 2023 @ 09:15 AM

Chances are, if your lips are moving you’re selling something. The importance of stellar communication starts with active listening - not talking.
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 3.40.46 PM
If you’re trying to get across a message to an employee, coworker, or even a teenager then it’s important to, as Stephen Covey says, “seek first to understand then to be understood.”

Once your lips start moving it may be too late to really have impact and influence. As we all attempt to go through our days and accomplish certain objectives it’s clear other people will likely be part of the solution.

Please join me as I walk through this topic with Rock and Rich. Their style of podcasting is one I think you will enjoy.

In the meantime, just know, that if your lips are moving, chances are you are selling something. Choose your words wisely based on what you’ve first sought to understand.

Hear the podcast with this link:

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Speaking with Passion Leads the Way

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Feb 08, 2023 @ 08:00 AM

Passion makes up for a lack of humor chops or mediocre speaking skills.

Over the years, our office regularly gets calls from folks wanting insights regarding the speaking business. 100% of the time I personally take those calls because I was in their exact same position many years ago. Hence, I pay it forward with 15 minutes on what’s essential in this biz.

Every few weeks we’ll get a call from a celebrity agent, or best-selling author looking to go from good speeches to great audience experiences. In these cases, I’ll offer a three-month speech coaching contract. (PS I have my own coach as one should never underestimate the value of an outside perspective.)

One of my past speaking clients had a significant market presence in the financial world. This guy lives entirely in his left brain. Data makes him all giddy. Telling jokes and presentation humor is NOT his jam.

“Vince, how can I be funny?” he asked during one session.

“You can hire Mack Dryden. Also, you can also lean into your passion,” I replied. “When you talk about compound interest as the 8th wonder of the world it’s truly entertaining in a dorky sort of way. You get all animated and passionate about it. Keep doing that and you don’t necessarily have land jokes in your financial talk.”

Another gentleman who netted over $200m per year approached me to be his speech coach. He wanted to improve his speaking skills at his industry events. On our 15-minute call, I reviewed what I saw from his recording in front of 500 business leaders. I declined to coach him for one reason - his desire for presentation skills was not worth 3 months of his or my time. He had all the passion in the world. He was better on stage than he thought. His passionate take on overcoming obstacles superseded any “ums” or lack of speaking chops he demonstrated.

Whether it’s a presentation, leadership style, or sales acumen ➡️ lead with passion and your platform skills become secondary.

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For Communicators Wanting to Up Their Game

Posted by Vince Poscente on Mon, Feb 06, 2023 @ 07:00 AM

Here’s what I learned from writing eight books on leadership for the self. It’s easy to write a bad book. It’s a worthy challenge to write a good book. What makes a good book?

Psssst. This also applies to memos, emails, and letters.

If you’ve got a book in you, here are a few objectives that I personally strive for (and hopefully achieve):

💡 Make it a Page Turner. Every sentence, paragraph, and chapter should entice the reader to want to read the next sentence, paragraph, and chapter. If you get the reader so flipping curious to know what’s next, give yourself a gold star.

💡 Make it Innovative or Counter Intuitive. If the reader thinks, “No $#1+ Sherlock,” then you’ve missed the mark. Use this as your mantra… “Never state the obvious.” Example: “Fall is here and the leaves are turning color,” or “You may be stuck between a rock and hard place,” then you have lost your audience.  Think of clichés and aphorisms as toxic book sludge.

💡 Bring People Into an Experience. Content does not rule the day if the experience doesn't lead the way. Yes, you want to grab someone’s attention with a point that has them think, “Gee, I didn’t think of it that way.” But then quickly transition into a story that has them noodling on what this must have felt like. At this point, you can support the story with your irresistible content.

This video is an exploration of a story-forward concept that is full of content designed to help people like you and me to get past any personal earthquakes. Heck, the Dalai Lama liked it…


I trust this helps.

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Possibilities are Like Leaves on a Stream

Posted by Vince Poscente on Sun, Feb 05, 2023 @ 08:15 AM

Infinite possibilities are like leaves on a stream. Some float by without a second dedicated thought. Some eddy and remain within reach. Based on recent research, a human being has about 6,200 thoughts per day. That translates into about 170 million thoughts in a lifetime.

Which thoughts of yours are worth grabbing and turning into action?

Hold onto those marquee thoughts that light up your insides. These ones flip a switch and tingle the spine.

What thoughts can’t be ignored?

What resonates with your life purpose?

1️⃣ A good idea won’t go away. If you wake up and that pesky thought keeps popping up. Pay attention. Poke at it. Talk about it.

2️⃣ A thought that excites you AND scares you is meant to be honored. If I’ve taught my kids anything it’s “Never make a decision based on fear.” Honor those thoughts that need your focus.

3️⃣ Some thoughts are born out of negative patterns. These ones need to be interrupted until they stop appearing.

Interrupt these ones:
·     I’m not good enough.
·     I’m not worthy.
·     I’m too young/old/tall/short/overweight/skinny etc.

Consistently interrupt thoughts that don’t serve you. Replace them with those thoughts that inspire you. Eventually, the toxic pattern will dissipate and disappear.

Be the architect of your dominant thoughts and establish a truth about yourself that inspires others.

Finally, be sure you are fully present as much as possible. Goofy fears show up with what might happen in the future. This means you're switched off in the present. You won't likely see the opportunity floating by. Or, the wackadoodle distractions from the past block any present-moment awareness. 

Who knew this embracing opportunity would be so simple yet elusive at the same time?

Just for grins. Re-read this blog post and notice what you didn't intake because your mind wandered to the future or past. :-) If you were present the whole time. Way to go. If your mind wandered like every other normal human... remember...

You got this!

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He Went from Leaning Back to Leaning Forward

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Feb 03, 2023 @ 08:30 AM

Catch a decision maker off guard with your willingness to walk away and they’ll lean into what you have to offer.
In 2010 Music World Entertainment hired me to motivate their staff to “do what the competition is not willing to do.” MWE’s founder, Mathew Knowles helped his daughters Beyonce and Solange Knowles build their careers. First guiding Destiny’s Child then managing two successful solo careers.
 Mathew Knowles and Max Poscente
From the age of 10, Max Poscente made it clear he would be a professional musician. I brought him to Houston to check out his dad's speech while he might gain some insight from the rest of the agenda. COO John Cawley was the first to recognize Max's potential and suggested my pre-teen son perform his own music while everyone ate lunch. Max rarely played covers back then.
Mathew jumped up, “Max how about you come down to Houston in a month or two and we’ll record one of your songs? Would you like that? Come to my office at the end of the day and we’ll talk about it.”
Waiting in the lobby, as the setting sun peeked through the window, Max insisted we should leave because “Mr. Knowles wouldn’t get my music.”
I encouraged Max to hear Mr. Knowles out. It was a fascinating conversation as Max finally admitted, “Mr. Knowles, I appreciate your interest, but I don’t think this will work. I just don’t think you’ll get my music.”
Mathew went from tilting back to leaning forward. He started selling Max on why he would be good for Max’s music career.
Skip ahead to Mathew and his A&R team flying up to Dallas to see Max’s band rehearse plus the makings of a 360-degree deal. At that time Beyonce wanted to spread her wings. She left MWE. With this tectonic change, Max, Mathew, and John continued their friendship as each went their separate ways.
I think back to that time, 12 years ago, when a music icon went from a gracious posture to a let’s-do-this vibe.
Here’s to friends knowing what they want and going for it.
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