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Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Jul 08, 2015 @ 03:00 AM

You would think at least one of us had life figured out with some form of stability, predictability or certainty. Look to your left. Max wants to make it big in the unstable music business. On your right, Alex has set her sights on the unpredictable entertainment industry. Isabella is determined to dance her way into the uncertain ballet world. Meanwhile, you launch into an unwavering dedication to a rebranding initiative which is a minefield of best-guesswork. All have the same intent. Reach that place where you experience your emotional buzz. Will you find YOUR buzz and enjoy the rewards?


From Unstable to Stable - Max is on the road with his band's seven city tour. His talented band mates are all dedicated to following their working musician's dream. But working ideally correlates to just compensation. In a market driven to streaming royalty payments the finances are a joke. One million plays on Pandora pays about $60 in publishing royalties. Case in point: In the first quarter of 2014, Pharell's song Happy streamed 43 million times on Pandora, which paid out $2,700 songwriter royalties. Is stability even possible in the music business? Would you like more stability in your life? Then take Max's lead guitar example. He is completely dialed in on the emotional buzz he gets from creating music. He will find his buzz by living his buzz.

From Unpredictable to Predictable - Alex just returned from a summer acting camp called Stage Door Manor. You have to book 10 months in advance to get into an alumni roster boasting Natalie Portman, Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Braff. Alex was selected for a coveted roll in Columbinus and earned a prestigious award for most improved. Still, the odds of someone becoming a famous or even, well paid actor is small. Yet, how many people dream of being an actor compared to those who make deliberate, purposeful steps in that direction. Is predictability even possible in the entertainment industry? Would you like more predictability in your life? Then follow Alex's standard. Find your buzz by ignoring probaility and take the next obvious step to getting there.

From Uncertainty to Certainty - When Isabella returns from the Pacific Northwest Ballet's summer intensive for pre-professionals she will will turn 15. She auditioned against thousands of girls across the country for this top-ten US ballet company. In her age group there will only be a couple of dozen girls but the competition is significant. How can Isabella be certain of her aspiration to make London's Royal Ballet? She can't. But she can live in the mindset of certainty. The doorway for certainty in her life and yours is by sustaining that emotional buzz. 

Your buzz is a vibration in every cell of your body. Your buzz is that place in your future that locks arms with your present moment. You reach your buzz by living your buzz. You find your buzz by stepping squarely in the direction of your buzz. By sustaining your emotional buzz you find your buzz in the years to come.

To that end, you may wonder where we have been all spring and summer? We have been rebranding.

Amigo - rebranding is an easy word to say but one heck of a leap. In this business of writing, speaking and consulting, having a uniquely valuable brand is critical. But the fact is ... there are no facts... until the market votes with its dollars. Is there a market for Max's music, Alex's talent and Isabella's expression? They won't know until they walk out the door to find their buzz.

That is why we, at ELEPHantPOWER Systems, are here. To help you find your buzz.

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