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Use ELEPHantPOWER to Drive New Intentions and Winning Habits

Few professionals have experienced the magnitude of upheaval than Realtors. A roller coaster economy, technology driven disruption, consumer uncertainty and an all round lack of confidence in what direction to take the business has lead to more questions than answers. 

How Realtors compete while raising their level of customer service will drive their sales. But what to do is pointless until they create an alignment of winning habits with the uncanny power of clear intention.

3D_HardCover_Ant_ElephantELEPHantPOWER Systems is the culmination of 25+ years of study by award winning Realtor, Olympian and NY Times Bestselling author, Vince Poscente. This...

  • Olympic competitor
  • NY Times bestselling author (The Ant and the Elephant + The Age of Speed)
  • Past award winning Realtor
  • Former VP Marketing with International Investment Properties
  • Founder of the Goal Acceleration Institute
...delivers an invigorating formula for Realtors to supersede limiting habits and win with new intentions.

His data driven strategic approach comes across as a stand-up comedy routine where Real Estate audiences are transformed into aligning their ant-like conscious decisions with a new, improved elephantine subconscious agenda

Two programs are offered for Real Estate Professionals.

1. Get Your Buzz On - Drive past old habits towards new intentions.

2. BIG Goals in Record Time - 5 action steps to thrive in a competitive landscape. 


Vince Poscente has helped the following Real Estate audiences:

  • Ascent Real Estate

  • Cendant Mortgage

  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

  • Edina Realty

  • ERA Franchise Systems

  • Floyd Wickman’s StarMakers

  • GE Commercial Finance Real Estate

  • GMAC Real Estate

  • Intuit Real Estate Solutions

  • Milestone Management

  • National Association of Realtors

  • National Association of Expert Advisors (NAEA)

  • Prudential Real Estate

  • Realty Executives

  • Reece & Nichols

  • Star Power Systems Inc.

  • Wells Fargo Real Estate

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