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52 Weeks of Very Important Principles 

  • Do you sustain your audience's energy and enthusiasm from your recent conference?
  • Are you looking for a way to align everyone on your team, with minimal effort?
  • Do you want to continue the journey and impact from Vince Poscente's keynote?

Consistent leadership coaching (over the course of a year) leads to sustained, transformational change. Go beyond Vince's powerful motivational keynote and invest in a productivity formula that draws from seven of Vince's books. Imagine a quick way to challenging the status quo, overcoming fear and professional development, all in an easy to deliver series of VIP videos. There are three options:

  • 26 VIP Videos delivered every two weeks to each person on your team
  • 52 VIP Videos delivered every week to your VIPs
  • 26 or 52 Customized Videos for your VIPs (tailored for your company)

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Example VIP Video: 


VIP Videos Table of Contents

  1. Welcome to VIP (Very Important Principles) Videos
  2. The 5Cs Used By Olympians
  3. On the Elephant's Back (The power of alignment)
  4. How Your Defining Moments Guide Your Life
  5. We are Creatures of Decision Making Habits
  6. Your Values Determine Your Results
  7. The Elephant Buzz (Clarity in the Business of Life)
  8. Your 5 Senses Dream Movie
  9. Silencing the Voice of Doubt
  10. 99% vs 100% Commitment
  11. Fight, Flight of Freeze No More
  12. The Big-3 Commitment Scenarios
  13. The Power of Telling Others
  14. Excellence = Do what the competition is not willing to do.
  15. The Financial Column
  16. Drops of Blue Dye
  17. Ideas for Physical Readiness
  18. Citius, Altius, Fortius & Smartius
  19. Your God Dots for Mental Preparedness
  20. "Experientialization"
  21. The Fear-Confidence Gap
  22. Confidence Without Experience
  23. The Flashcard Technique for Stress Busting
  24. Negaholics
  25. Goal Stacking
  26. Peak Routines Starters
  27. The Highest and the Best
  28. Keep Driving Forward
  29. Pay Your Dues
  30. Flashpoint
  31. Fine Tuning
  32. Zeppelins 
  33. Balloons
  34. Bottle Rockets
  35. Jets
  36. Alignment in the Age of Speed
  37. Agility in a Competitive Landscape
  38. Eliminate Drag
  39. Personify Proactivity
  40. Apply Consistent Strategies
  41. Nurture Your Respect of Others
  42. Erode Judgmentalism
  43. Do Everything At Least Once
  44. Dig Deep with Willpower and Letting-Go
  45. Frame the Art of Achievement
  46. Utilize Four Tools for Strong Relationships
  47. Tell the Truth
  48. Access the Alpha
  49. Have Fun!
  50. Serve with Love/Live in Bliss
  51. Persistence, Fearlessness and Compassion
  52. The Heroes Challenge

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