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"do what the competition is not willing to do"


On-Line Takeaways & Virtual Empowerment

  • Be Clear on where they are headed
  • Commit at a more profound level
  • Consistently do what the competition is not willing to do
  • Build Confidence for peak performance on the job
  • Control what they bring to any challenging situation

Vince Poscente delivers a unique message style for leadership, sales, high-tech and client events. His signature wit and wisdom results in an immediate return on investment. Call for Booking Info 214.335.0856 

2.5 min of Trailer + 8 min of Bonus Clips

Providing Value to You

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The Ant and the Elephant AudioBook

Purchase your own audiobook of:

The Ant and the Elephant

3D HardCover Ant Elephant



Challenge: Standardization nationwide needed to be implemented.

Solution: Vince keynoted on extraordinary leadership insights to consistently support retailers across the country.



Challenge: Celebrate successes while sustaining the drive for excellence.

Solution: Vince delivered messages on extraordinary excellence through collaboration. 

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New York Times Bestselling Author

Invest in Yourself for More Ease & Less Hassle

Vince Poscente helps readers overcome obstacles and sustain resilience. You are now one click away from seven books, life changing tools and over 10,000 of research distilled into fun, substantive and extraordinary impact.

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