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Posted by Vince Poscente on Mon, Dec 08, 2014 @ 12:22 PM

The Main Street Leader

Main Street Leader

Match Mobility with Mobility Sales Processes & Systems

The time is fast approaching when filling your car trunk with brochures, catalogs, and other sales tools will be a thing of the past. Sales teams that have been more focused on these traditional tools are finding themselves challenged, since more and more customers are using their mobile devices for ...

The Internet of Everything
Economist Group Marketing Media & Technology

The Internet of Everything is changing the way marketing, even B-to-B marketing, is handled. Cisco’s marketing chief explains the impact of the cloud and why marketers sometimes talk like pirates.

Six Ways To Objectively Determine Your Worth At Work
Fast Company Career Development

Stop relying on guesswork and follow these steps to figure out your personal value proposition.
One of the basic tenets of any successful negotiation is to know your worth. Having a sound understanding of what you bring to the table and how important or valuable it is to the other ...

5 Social Media Marketing Myths Debunked
Direct Marketing News Social Media , Entrepreneur Marketing

Not all social media best practices are good choices for marketers; here's a breakdown of five common social myths.


Why Fear Kills Productivity Innovation & Creativity , Motivation & Enthusiasm , Performance Management

It’s in any company’s self-interest to create a culture that minimizes fear, Tony Schwartz writes in the Life@Work column.


Millennials aren’t job hopping as much as previous generations. Here’s why that’s bad.
Washington Post Career Development

Amanda Healy has worked for three companies in the last three years.
She’s had her current job as a marketing manager for TIBCO Software Inc. for about eight months — and she hopes to stay there for the long run. But her stint at her previous employer lasted only 10 ...


Stealing, Cheating, Lying and Other Side Effects of Work Stress
Businessweek Work-Life Balance , Values & Culture

Companies, take note: Stressed out workers are more likely to be dishonest or make unethical decisions.


Before You Quit Your Job To Become An Entrepreneur, Read This Principles of Entrepreneurship

You could be sitting on the fence with an idea or a desire to start your own business. Inspiration comes through many different sources and not all reasons are valid enough to pursue a business.


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