People Will Follow When You Define the Arrival Point

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Oct 07, 2020 @ 11:58 AM

Here's your breakthrough for today. It has to do with allowing people to know where you're headed so that they can follow you.

This is human nature! When our son was very young, actually by the age of one, it would drive him nuts if he didn't know exactly where we were headed and what was going on in that day. And that really hasn't changed.

Do that in an email, in the subject line, in a speech. If you're making a point, start with the point, let people know where you're headed and they will follow you, they will be able to follow where you're headed.

And so you do that, well, you're gonna have more effective communication, more effective teamwork, and you'll have people at your side rather than resisting where you're headed. You do that, we got this.