Possibilities are Like Leaves on a Stream

Posted by Vince Poscente on Sun, Feb 05, 2023 @ 08:15 AM

Infinite possibilities are like leaves on a stream. Some float by without a second dedicated thought. Some eddy and remain within reach. Based on recent research, a human being has about 6,200 thoughts per day. That translates into about 170 million thoughts in a lifetime.

Which thoughts of yours are worth grabbing and turning into action?

Hold onto those marquee thoughts that light up your insides. These ones flip a switch and tingle the spine.

What thoughts can’t be ignored?

What resonates with your life purpose?

1️⃣ A good idea won’t go away. If you wake up and that pesky thought keeps popping up. Pay attention. Poke at it. Talk about it.

2️⃣ A thought that excites you AND scares you is meant to be honored. If I’ve taught my kids anything it’s “Never make a decision based on fear.” Honor those thoughts that need your focus.

3️⃣ Some thoughts are born out of negative patterns. These ones need to be interrupted until they stop appearing.

Interrupt these ones:
·     I’m not good enough.
·     I’m not worthy.
·     I’m too young/old/tall/short/overweight/skinny etc.

Consistently interrupt thoughts that don’t serve you. Replace them with those thoughts that inspire you. Eventually, the toxic pattern will dissipate and disappear.

Be the architect of your dominant thoughts and establish a truth about yourself that inspires others.

Finally, be sure you are fully present as much as possible. Goofy fears show up with what might happen in the future. This means you're switched off in the present. You won't likely see the opportunity floating by. Or, the wackadoodle distractions from the past block any present-moment awareness. 

Who knew this embracing opportunity would be so simple yet elusive at the same time?

Just for grins. Re-read this blog post and notice what you didn't intake because your mind wandered to the future or past. :-) If you were present the whole time. Way to go. If your mind wandered like every other normal human... remember...

You got this!

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