The Best 5 Years of Your Life Were...

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Nov 21, 2017 @ 08:07 AM

What were the best five years of your life? The ideal answer is—the last five. Starting today, what will the next five (best) years of your life hold? These blog entries, internalized and used on a daily basis, will help you create the pathway to life mastery.

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Writing a collection of principles promising lofty goals is a daunting task. Yet, my life has been a series of events taking me assuredly and confidently to this point as a NY Times bestselling author and motivational keynote speaker. Writing is easy, quality writing takes considerable effort. For example...

The book, The Alchemist, is an inspiring collection of experiences by a young seeker who looks for his fortune and finds himself along the way. Prevalent in the book is the importance of signs and omens that should be paid attention to. With that in mind, I look back to the time when I just graduated from high school. I finished a summer job working on a ranch and was preparing for my first year of college.

It was an unseasonably cool fall evening and the sky was filled with millions of crystal clear stars. I was inside and, as was my habit, I had gravitated to the fridge to see what there was to eat. My mom was tapping on the window. "Quick, come outside. The Northern Lights," she said, referring to the Aurora Borealis.

The Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon of ions in the atmosphere that react to sun flares. The undulating river of light appears to be thousands of slivers of light clashing and shimmying and putting on a different show each time they appear. The displays are never the same time, never the same place, and never expected. They are nature’s nocturnal gift to anyone who happens to look up for the brief moment they appear. Growing up in Canada, I would often see the Northern Lights as a youth and imagine it was a reflection of the sun bouncing off the polar ice cap—the dancing lights a result of the floating ice where the polar bears lived.

Sherwood Park, in northern Canada, was an ideal community. At the time, it was a private hamlet of just over thirty thousand people, yet it was close enough to enjoy all the conveniences of a larger city, Edmonton. On this particular night, there was zero humidity and any city lights that shone went directly into the heavens.

I dashed outside, not hesitating to grab a jacket since I had no idea when “the show” had begun nor when it would end. Cranking my head back, I saw lights were more vibrant than I had ever seen before. Despite the street light fifty yards to the north, I could easily make out the bright band of lights rippling like a snake. It was as if an impressionistic painter had found paints of light-colored white, yellow and glow-in-the-dark green. It moved and shifted, shooting off strands from one horizon to the next.

Its magnitude grew and it seemed as though it was gearing up for something big. Then in an instant everything changed. The colors of red, purple and magenta added to the existing lights and flashed into a spiral directly over- head. It was as if I were looking at a satellite picture of an instantly forming hurricane created by the dancing strands of the northern lights.

The strands themselves changed from a two-dimensional up-and-down to a three-dimensional in-and-out. Imagine millions of fine, ubiquitous, undefined strands of angel hair bobbing in and out of the atmosphere. Like a sea of light beams floating on a swirling ocean. It was awe-inspiring!

The vortex of light began to wind up tight directly overhead. Then, just as quickly as it appeared, it changed again. Now the swirl appeared to spin downward directly down on me. A spiraling tunnel of light started to descend over head. My Star Trek infested imagination entertained the thought of being beamed up. I was frozen in place. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing—what I was experiencing.

Then the tornado-like funnel stopped descending. It paused, and time seemed to grind to a halt. I held my breath. There was no sound.

A moment later the light danced all around, in all directions. The vortex of light dissipated into a cacophony of light across the whole sky. Like the 1812 Overture, the heavens danced and the show was over with a dramatic flash. The experience left me vibrating. I just stood there trying to make sense of what had happened.

Then that voice—the one we all have—spoke to me. (The voice that is in the background of our thoughts. The voice that if you listen carefully right now, is speaking to you as you read this blog.) It said, “The future is yours to do special things. Seize it!”

I never forgot that moment, and my life has been an effort to meet that challenge.

As you read past blog entries or future ones, you will find a collection of research and personal experiences. I have been fortunate to stand on the shoulders of giants and integrate their research with mine. These inspirational thoughts are intended to touch you logically and emotionally. They are meant to spark a long-lost thought. They are designed to fire a desire within you to evolve in bigger and better ways.

Like you, I am a work in progress. Probably the best time to write anything I have published would have been a few decades from now. That way you would have recieved a collection of thoughts and research with a broader background. But the next best time to write these insights is right now. Take what you want, learn what you can and apply what inspires you. Most of all ... act.


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