3 Meeting Trends Increase Event ROI

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 10:30 AM

Check out how these three meeting trends lead to engagementretention and execution for increased ROI from your event:

3_meeting_trends1. Immersive Encounter is the number one trend in meetings and conventions. No longer is a talking-head enough for your attendees. Bring information to life through music, visuals and experiential story telling. We've found Immersive Encounters create a different conference experience when I use Olympic music, interaction as if they are skiing down the mountain, energizing video clips and stories told as if your audience is experiencing the journey.

2. Mobile Conference Apps keep your audience members engaged throughout the conference. This direct form of contact can communicate everything from speaker content to last minute changes. The Big Goals Fast Institute has a free app to ensure attendees get engaged, in real time, reaching their own short and long term goals. This becomes a link between emotional impact and organization-wide execution.

3. Extend the Life Cycle of a three or four day meeting. Before the event, we've found our teaser videos drum-up interest. Attendees already research who you’ve booked. Planners who get ahead of that curve build excitement. During and after the event, we deliver content designed to have a long term effect for higher retention and a significant return on investment.

When you combine all three trends you increase audience engagement, content retention and cascading execution. This means, a return on your meeting investment.

Ask Us How your meeting can have a better ROI from one keynote speech.

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