When Ambition and Talent Collide - Motivational Approach to 2014

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Jun 11, 2014 @ 07:09 PM

Six months ago you made a New Year's resolution. How's that going for you? Instead of a mid year resolution, why not focus on your talent and ambition together?

Leverage your talents – it’s the best place to start.

Clues of what your talents are might be are hidden in plain view. Some regard Pablo Picasso as more of a non-conformist than a talented artist. Settle that argument with a photograph by Gjon Mili. Check out Picasso completing a single-line, space drawing in the span of a few heartbeats. Using the light of an ember in a muted studio, Mili captured the natural talent of one of the art world’s icons.

Don’t see it? Hey, we were trying to make shapes the other night at the fire pit and my big accomplishment with an ember'd stick was, “Hey look. A circle. Now, an egg. Now a circle.” Woo hoo.

Picasso had a talent for spatial orientation. Combine his natural talent with over 16,840 works of art and you have a 20 century legend.

Now, the big question is: What talent is hidden right under your nose? Given the proximity of my mouth - my ‘under nose talent’ could be eating. But we’re not going for something thatsophisticated. What clues can you uncover relative to your talents?

Here are five steps:

  1. Brainstorm all the things that come easy to you.
  2. Circle activities on this list that give you energy.
  3. Get an outside perspective on the ones that make you unique.
  4. List off all the goals you have for the rest of the year.
  5. Attach your unique talents to your goals.

Let’s take Bob as an example.

  1. EASY – It’s easy for Bob to see order in chaos. He is handy with hobby carpentry. Math is effortless to him. He polishes off crosswords in minutes. Bob is a very good chess player.
  2. ENERGY – Bob gets energized when he solves problems. He gets energy from building stuff at home.
  3. PERSPECTIVE – Bob asks his coworkers about his unique talents. They say he’s a “go-to-guy when it comes to complex issues.”
  4. GOALS – Bob wants to lose 15 lbs by July 1, 2010.
  5. TALENTS – Bob develops his own matrix where calorie intake and a 5 day-a-week exercise plan are targeted. All this is tracked on his laptop.

Take a few minutes right now and try these five steps. You’ll do the balance of your 2014 a favor.

Now have a Wonderful, Happy, Prosperous, Easy, Way Better Than the first half of 2014.

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