Frustrated? Alone? Perfect! - 70 Sec Motivational eBrief

Posted by Vince Poscente on Thu, Jan 15, 2015 @ 03:00 AM

You could hear the frustration oozing from the phone. For seven years he has been trying to solo-climb out of his financial situation. "You've been there," he said deflated, "What do you do?"

"Three things: Be happy now. Add value. Be grateful."

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You can't control your environment. You can control what you bring to your environment.

  1. Be Happy Now - Of all the things that each of us needs reminding about - Being present or in the moment, is  the most important. The past can weigh around your neck and wrists like wood stocks of old. The imaginary impact the future can have is equivalent to those dreams that seem so real, while you, in fact, lay safely in bed. If now is all you have then, why not be happy now? Also, you may notice that people are drawn to people having fun. 
  2. Add Value - Woody Allen once said that '99 percent of life is showing up.' Cute but irrelevant today. Not even close! (Unless you add the words, "with value.") What value can you bring to people today? What talents do you have that give you energy. Using those talents to add value raises your energy level. And people are attracted to energy. '99 percent of life is showing up with value.'
  3. Be Grateful - Gratitude is a calming force. No two things can occupy the same space at the same time. If you are in the state of gratitude, your brain has no room for the state of FREAKING OUT. Gratitude is also the great equalizer. When you are thankful your energy rises. Those who are grateful have an enlightened appeal. Gratitude is a natural magnet for other positive people.

Can you see the common thread on the path to getting out of a rut?

When you're happily adding value in a state of gratitude you attract like minded people. That is true wealth. Rich in spirit, friendships and opportunity set the stage for financial wealth too. 

When you're 'rich' in all manners of the word, does it get any better than that? "The rich get richer," yet moments ago you may have been frustrated and alone. How perfect is that?

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