Goal Chauvinism - 70 Sec Motivational eBrief

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Jan 21, 2015 @ 03:00 AM

Alex climbed in the car. Smiling. (She always smiles - unless something weighs on her.) Within seventy seconds, she dropped the pensive dumbell she had picked up. "Dad, you're 53 years old... what's the point?" Hmmmmm. The point? That 'point' may be foreign to Goal Chauvinists.  

Alex's car was in the shop. Being picked up from school, she innocently reveled in the chauffer treatment. "Hi Dad." "Hey beautiful." She trumped the conversation with a typical parent's question, "How was your daaaay?"

Alex and Dad"Fun actually. Every Wednesday is a 'Free' day. I do something outside of work. I had a one-on-one coaching session with a former National Hockey League player. I learned a lot cool stuff."

Silence. Pause. Restrained sigh.

"Um, Dad? Now I don't want to hurt your feelings but... well... Dad, you're 53 years old. It's not like you're going anywhere with hockey. I mean, what's the point? Do you think the Dallas Stars are looking for an old guy to add middle-age speed and baby-boomer finesse to their team?" 

It must seem odd from the outside looking in. Why indeed?

We each have goals. You likely have a place you want to arrive in your life. A house. A car. A paycheck. A record deal. A contract. A promotion. A milestone of some kind. 

Moreover, goals land somewhere in the future. Goal achievers have clarity on the path towards a dream. They are aspirational. They exude intention and determination. 

Driving towards a specific and measurable goal is mission-critical for any high achiever. Right?


Alex may be a dreaded... "Goal Chauvinist."

Goal Chauvinists buy into the popular notion; proper goals must be clear, measurable, time specific and realistic. 

Quality goals don't have to be tangible. At times, they don't need to be anything other than a state of mind.

This perspective came into view when Jim Shaw, Sr. spoke to his growing staff in late 80's. The staff Christmas party was overflowing with 300 plus employees. He approached the microphone and said with true humbleness, "I never imagined we would be this big. I just thought we were doing the right thing for Canadians."

Today, Shaw Communications is a corporate entity in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Lead by a founder who admitted to not having what a 'Goal Chauvinist' might expect. Instead, he celebrated what many high achievers thrive on, an energetic state. A powerful state of mind. In other words, he did what gives him energy. Values like: new business opportunities, connecting people, building a significant brand, ambition, entrepreneurial adventure.

Taking hockey lessons at 53 is fascinating when you've played since you're five years old. Learning new techniques, being able to contribute a higher skill level for our beer-league team, replacing inefficiency with practical know how. Energetically, it is a huge BUZZ to be on a growth curve. Especially at, not despite being, 53 years old.

Start with what gives you energy. Apply your values and tactics but keep doing what gives you energy. THAT is the point!  

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