Reach Your Growth Goals in 1/2 the Time

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Feb 08, 2017 @ 03:12 AM

To experience the compounding effect of your client testimonials,

watch this.

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Testimonial Insights:

#1: Your prospects believe your clients before they believe you.

#2: Up to 50% of all buying decisions are from word-of-mouth and testimonials.

#3: You can double your growth by increasing testimonials/word-of-mouth by only 12%.

Two ideas to increase business with improved testimonials.

Put a Face to the Name

Which testimonial example below compels you?

Sally Schopmeyer.jpg

Vince understood the challenges of our industry. He used this information to tailor his message so that it was meaningful to our members. He did a magnificent job in engaging the audience, motivating and keeping everyone's attention. Also, his preparation and follow-up were more than what was expected. Vince is a dynamic speaker who motivates the room with his energy and his story.  Fabulous presentation!

Sally Schopmeyer President, BSCA

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 11.48.44 PM.png
Thank you for representing us at the BSCA International annual meeting and great connecting with you in person. As I hear of any things coming up for Diversey or outside I will surely keep you in mind.  I heard a lot of positive feedback from your presentation. Of course now everyone is emailing me looking for you books. I look forward to staying in touch Vince.

John Ravaris VP Corp. Accts, Diversey

Make It Easy for Your Client

Don't just ask for a testimonial. Turn client feedback into a benefit laden testimonial.  

Instead of asking for a testimonial, that may or may not hit the mark, structure your 'testimonial ask' into three steps. 

Week ONE, survey your client, "In order for us to improve; What three benefits did you gain from working with us?"

Week TWO, message your client, "Thanks for your feedback. Quick question... Would you approve a the attached testimonial based on what you said last week?" (Make signing off on a testimonial easy for your client. Use their benefit words with copy that makes it deliciously appealing.)

Week THREE, post a "face to the name testimonial" because your prospects believe your clients before they believe you, you'll increase word-of-mouth sales and you'll reach your growth goals in 1/2 the time

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