Reopening Expertise | Jim Hudson Safety Leader Interview

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Jun 02, 2020 @ 02:51 PM

Jim Hudson is a consummate safety leader who now focuses his attention on reopening safely. His expertise in building leadership confidence and operational profitability dive into tough questions like: If only 40% of customers are willing to shop and you're only allowed 50% capacity, how will you make money with a net of 20%?

As a Leadership Expert and consultant to companies dedicated to systems thinking driven by the creativity of your people, his client list reads like a Who's Who?

His company, SaferNation has a specific approach to a safe and profitable business:


If you’ve reopened a retail business or are in the process, you are staring down three different loaded risk barrels.

1. You’re trying to reopen profitably with occupancy limits & higher costs
2. You’ve got to provide your customers & employees with a safe in-store experience
3. You’re grappling with people’s interpretations of ‘the guidelines’ and enforced compliance

You have a ton of restrictions you never had (mask wearing customers/employees, distancing requirements & new cleaning guidelines). Figuring out how to do that is both costly & stressful (at least if you’re wanting to do it right).

Whether you’re all in for protection or you’re skeptical, pandemics are here and you’re either going to figure out how to operate when they hit, or you’re going to completely close down again. 
And you’ve gotta figure out how to build trust with your customers, so that they gain confidence that you’re truly looking out for their safety. That is a big challenge and a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Most guidelines you get are all about “the what” - what's recommended and what needs to be done. None of them tells you how to do it, and none of them is nearly as comprehensive as they ought to be.

If you’re thinking you’ve already taken action and things are under control, consider that some folks will comply while others won't. Do you really want to be the one to force compliance here? Your employees sure didn’t sign up for that. It can be dangerous too, as actual “compliance related” shootings all around the country prove.

Our ReOpening Blitz allows you to meet the guidelines AND address your capacity needs so that you can still make money. By thoroughly addressing the issues of detection, prevention and protection, you’re able to get back to focusing on your business, as your excellent controls take care of the compliance issues. And even when the virus conditions are lifted, you’ll benefit from having employees who focus on faster customer interactions, while also delivering a better experience. When word gets out that you’re a safer business, you’ll see new customers that you didn’t have before the virus shut everything down.

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