Sales Team or Adult Daycare

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Feb 27, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

What would happen if we eliminated all the "adult daycare drama" out of a sales organization? Let’s fantasize for a moment… that happy place in corporate la-la land. What if a sale’s manager’s job was not managing people problems? What if his or her sole focus was just on improving sales? 

No damage control on who hurt who has feelings. No fragile egos running to the managers office to complain about stuff. An entire office of people 100% accountable for their actions and results. 

Don’t jump out of the dream just yet. Imagine a sales manager who could spend his or her time as follows:

  • 35% on generating leads for the sales people
  • 35% on improving efficiency of sales operations
  • 20% on internal effectiveness initiatives like less paperwork
  • 10% on protecting the rebels and their wellspring of innovation

How would that accelerate your organization’s sales?

adult_daycareYou might be fortunate to be part of a well-oiled, highly accountable sales division.

You might be part of a semi-dysfunctional sales group.

Or you might be suffering in a sales organization that is like an adult daycare.

Whatever your situation, the sales team can always improve.

Be a part of the solution. Find ways to own the problem.

Do this and your sales numbers will soar and your drama will whither.

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