Stuck in a Rut? "Kagle Story, Kagle Story"

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Mar 13, 2015 @ 10:00 AM

The quickest way to snap out of a rut is to remind yourself of a story you know will make you smile. 

Here’s one.

campfirekagelstoryEvery Thanksgiving, the in-law’s side of the family get together at a little ranch south of San Antonio. It is a tradition.

Most families have a dominant line. Ours are the Lewis.’ From day one the Lewis family have been like a real life John Irving novel. Colorful characters. Loving souls who have generations of Texas stories relived at every gathering.

Maurice, Dale and two Debbie’s all married into the Lewis family. Next generations like Little and myself married into the Lewis family too. Campfires always seem to spark the legendary tales.

Accounts about Lewis sisters having the idea to cater the JFK movie set with a motor coach and a small stove. The kicker is the part where one son got a call from a pay phone and immediately heard sirens in the background. “What is that Mom?” asked a concern son. “Oh, that’s your aunt. We were getting gas and she just pulled away from the station but forgot to put the pump hose back.”

Stories about Dad insisting on cooking his own fish in the trailer out back and burning his eyebrows off. Or the hidden Little Red Wagon that held all the bottles in the unknowing Baptist Preacher’s garage. The Lewis yarns go on for hours.

We call ourselves, The Married-Ins. Debbie, the balloon pilot’s wife, Casey, the architect’s wife started talking about how we should be telling our own family stories.

Out of the blue Debbie yelled, “Kagle story! Kagle story!”

The Married-Ins burst out laughing.

“This oughta be good,” said Casey.

“What?” said Debbie.

“Your Kegel story,” said Michelle.

“What?” said Debbie still not getting what was so funny.

“Do you know what Kegels are?”

“That’s my maiden name. Kagle,” she said followed by a pause. With love in our hearts, we all fell over in laughter.

Now that was funny!

It is worth mentioning, everyone around the campfire who was over 60 had no idea what Kegels were. If you are reading this story and don’t know what they are, I am NOT about to explain. It was challenging enough explaining it to my mother-in-law.

So take the fast lane out of a rut. Remind yourself of a funny story. If you can’t think of one, there’s always the Kagle story.

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