Where is Your Focus

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Jan 31, 2017 @ 09:12 AM

Ask your self, "Where is my focus? (Watch motivational video or keep reading.)

Is your focus on where you are, or where you are at?" Picture learning how to walk a tightrope. You won't master the skill until you take your focus OFF the rope and onto a point on the other end (where you want to go).

Sounds simple, but human instinct is to look down (where you are) before looking up in the direction of your goals. The next step is how to stay focused...

You and I normally don't normally think about where our focus is. The thing that draws our attention, gets the focus. But that might be the human instinct that is getting in the way of your goal achievement. Speed up your goal attainment by superseding human nature and replacing it with exactly where you intend to go.

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In this video you will hear the story about the French National Team ski coach who had his athletes try to walk a tight rope that was a couple of feet off the floor. None of us could get past a couple of steps.

Then he gave us the secret. "Stop looking at your feet. Look at a specific point on the wall and DO NOT take your eyes off that point." The first guy tried to look at a point, then back down, then back on the point on the wall. "STOP" said the coach. "Only look at the point on the wall at the end of the rope."

Within minutes every athlete was able to walk the rope. Did we each have a change in skill or a change in focus? 

This is not about focusing at the expense of being present! In other words, as you walk your own 'tight rope' in life, staying balanced, aware, conscious of your surroundings and, especially, happy in this moment is critical to enjoying the path you take. 

To simplify the sequence:

  1. Target Where You Want to Go - that place that will give you energy, sync up with you know you belong, that location ahead of your that is waiting for you to arrive.
  2. Lift Your Focus from Fear to Fun - Fearing you'll fall off the rope from the fun of going towards your "target" starts when you look ahead.
  3. Stay On Target - In today's world, it's easy to get distracted. Keep your focus on your target while enjoying the journey.


Dear reader, if you were in my audience for keynote speaker ideas like this one, you'd know to raise your gaze. But most times you will need to remind yourself of this simple tool to reach your goals. There will be thoughts that creep in that make you look down and obsess about the minutia. There will be people who draw your attention off your path. Just keep asking yourself, "Where is my focus?" and then respond accordingly. You've got this ... even if life feels like a tight rope!


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