With Patience and Trust

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Mar 31, 2023 @ 08:02 AM

How will you sustain value from your messaging?

What has retention power? It’s a fact that swag alone, from some factory made in a far-away-land, falls short.

Maya Angelou and The EarthquakeTim and Maureen booked the Las Vegas venue. They put hundreds of hours into ensuring their clients would get maximum value during their clients’ commitment to attend the two-day conference.

Time and again - conference planners default to a backpack or coffee mug with the logo of the event. The assumption is the attendee would correlate a positive experience whenever they see their swag. Of course - Maya Angelou’s "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” is apropos. But why stop there?

What if your speaker made them FEEL awesome AND they took home a keepsake that had SUSTAINED value? Organizers Tim and Maureen got that.

💡They purchased a book for every single attendee.
💡No one throws a book out.
💡More than ever before, actual paper (aka a non-digital book) is a novelty.
💡 BEST OF ALL the book directly supported content, storytelling, and notes taken during my presentation experience.

Sustain value after your messaging. Ensure there’s retention power for a message that made your audience feel they’re in the right place at the right time. They’ll never forget your investment of time and money.

In addition... 
It’s the best little hen house in Texas. Its eggs provide some crackin’ good business lessons. Today’s post is about unreasonable timelines some well-meaning leaders expect in a world of instant gratification.
Hens brood. It’s not the angry neighbor brooding you might be thinking of. It’s an instinct that a hen sits on eggs until they hatch. The problem with our hens and their seven-second memory banks, they keep forgetting we don’t have a rooster. Hence, their eggs aren’t fertilized. Brooding hens don’t leave their eggs until they hatch. They barely eat or drink. They take commitment to a whole new level of stubbornness. These ‘girls’ practically kill themselves with weeks of uninformed optimism. Therefore, “Don’t tolerate it. Go with it.”
Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 7.58.40 AM
Where do you get fertilized eggs? Google knows where the gaggles are. Put those rooster-inspired eggs under said Stubborn Hen. Now, you wait. A couple of weeks later, chicks start hatching.
That was six – long - months ago. These hatchlings figured out how to survive. We’re somewhat Darwinian around here. We wanted out kids to figure out how the world works. We avoided helicopter and snowplow parenting. We’re significantly more hands-off when it comes to chickens. We leave it up to the mother hen to help her adopted young ins navigate their surroundings.
If you’ve visited our one-acre backyard is a mini wild kingdom. Predators abound. To our amazement, five of six chicks beat the odds and survived to finally produce our first harvest of eggs.
It took nearly six months from bringing these beings into existence to produce results. We gave them the environment to be safe and thrive. They sorted out their pecking order and routines.
Leaders who expect unreasonable productivity timelines take note. With patience and trust in the process, the results are delicious.
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