Head to Head with Open AI's Chat GPT

Posted by Vince Poscente on Thu, Feb 02, 2023 @ 09:15 AM

Here's a little experiment going head-to-head with Chat GPT with my own Vince Poscente style of writing.

First read the article I wrote.

Second is the Chat GPT version. What do you notice?

ChatGPT vs Vince Poscente

Building Character (by Vince Poscente)

Who sets out to build character? Maybe someone who has hit rock bottom and realizes a different way is needed. Possibly someone who doesn’t like what they see in the mirror? It could be a simple case of just trying to be a better person.

Helen Keller perceived it this way, “Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”

Any way you approach the development of character, chances are it will be a path of either discipline or a dose of ‘ye shall overcome.’ Ease and quiet is definitely a curl up and enjoy this moment but driving forward and skinning knees is going to be a way to a richer life experience.

Is there a way to enjoy trials and struggles? Look to your character to answer that riddle:

💡 Are you curious? Then make your curiosity character trait front and center. Take away learning from this challenge.

💡 Are you creative? Do you get energy from the process of seeing the world in a new and fun way? Then ensure you fashion your approach creatively.

💡 Are you a solution-oriented person? Does the feeling of solving problems give you the spice of life?

There is a myriad of ways to develop your character. You can both grow by choice or circumstance.

Either way, let’s grow.

OK... here is the Chat GPT version of my "Building Character" article:

Building character is a journey that requires discipline and perseverance. This journey can be initiated for various reasons such as hitting rock bottom, wanting to be a better person, or simply realizing that a change is necessary. The development of character is not a smooth road, as Helen Keller once said, "Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."

Trials and struggles are a natural part of the character-building process, but that does not mean they cannot be enjoyed. One way to make the most of this experience is to embrace your unique traits and use them to approach challenges. If you are curious, make sure to make your curiosity a character trait and take away learning from every challenge. If you are creative, use your imagination to fashion a creative approach to every situation. If you are solution-oriented, allow the feeling of solving problems to give you the spice of life.

There is no one right way to develop your character. Some people grow by choice, while others grow through circumstance. However, one thing is for certain, character growth is a personal journey that requires a significant amount of self-reflection, self-awareness, and introspection.

Character development is a lifelong journey that is essential to living a rich and fulfilling life. Whether you grow by choice or circumstance, the process will involve discipline and perseverance. Remember to embrace your unique traits and use them to make the most of every challenge. With the right mindset, you can turn trials and struggles into opportunities for growth and personal development.


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