How this Crisis Will Change the Speaking and Events Business

Posted by Vince Poscente on Sat, Apr 25, 2020 @ 05:47 PM

When a guy who won a Stanley Cup, was Captain of an NHL team, and who is a friend in the speaking business asks:

How are you guys?
How will this (crisis) change the speaking business? 

You tend to want to give a thoughtful answer. Here goes:

Personally, it’s such a joy to spend time with our college-age kids. We all get along exceptionally well and we feel blessed. My biggest problem? They are drinking all my beer.
Business wise, I’m pivoting as best I can. The demand for online presenters is low at the moment. Although, a gazillion Zoom calls and subpar webinar presenters are doing us a favor. I believe the demand for an authentic, quality (in every technical and impactful sense), inspiring, energetic, engaging, thought provoking and Deliver-ROI-Messenger will rise to the fore.
Bureau agents and event planners are scrambling. I’m giving them assets to sell virtual presentations. (Exhibit C)
Speakers are panicking. Let the great purge commence.
Vince Poscente Radical Safety KeynoteMost everyone with drive is adapting in the dark. I've been directing more attention to an initiative within the safety space. Safety leaders need radical thinkers when conventional thinking gains very little ground. Even though I started a couple of years ago, I'm sharpening my focus there in these dark times.
I’m frustrated, calm, anxious, naive, confident, uncertain and have faith we’ll get through this speaker/presenter/event planner $#!+ show - to places unknown.
In answer to your other question, “How are you?” 
I’m well, doing good and HUNGRY 😋  

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