Quality and Speed, At the Same Time?

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Mar 06, 2015 @ 10:30 AM

You can have quality and speed at the same time. Even if it appears cumbersome on the surface. Here is a flashback motivational eBrief that rings as true today as it occured eight years ago. 

During the 41st Super Bowl telecast, Sheryl Crow starred in a Revlon Colorist television commercial with a Buddy Holly classic only available on iTunes where all proceeds went towards Breast Cancer Research.

Say that ten times.

Crow, a cancer survivor, teamed up with Revlon to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. Revlon pony upped for the commercial time and production costs. All parties got a plug and created goodwill in the same moment. The NFL looked good for running the ad. Apple tossed in the digital infrastructure. Sheryl Crow lent her talents. Revlon Colorist sent a message to over 90 million people that their product works on hair and for charity.


All in less than 60 seconds.

In the time it takes to read this eBrief; Sheryl Crow, the NFL,Revlon, iTunes sent a compelling message to millions that will ultimately help benefit women who have a one out of eight chance of a breast cancer diagnosis.

Think of the value and benefits you, your products or services represent. How do you get your message across when you have the opportunity to sell or promote?

Pitching a concept to a committee has more traction if you tell a story about the idea before listing the benefits. You ingratiate yourself to employees by revealing insights about being a parent before extolling the virtues of leadership traits. A supplier will be more loyal to you if they know about you rather than just what they can get from you.

Tell a story, make it an experience. People remember an experience. Stories help them remember your message. Revlon could have had Crow do the conventional; sit in a chair and pitch all the reasons why you should donate money for Breast Cancer Research. Instead, Revlon told a story 

In the ad, Crow was approached by Revlon to use its Colorist product on tour. They drove a hard bargain and Crow ended up on stage week after week with no faded hair. A classy, subtle sidebar appeared part way through the commercial saying, “Not Fade Away, Only Available on iTunes.” The catchy ditty ends and sixty seconds are up.

It has been said repeatedly that speed and quality can’t be delivered at the same time. That was then. Today we can and are compelled to live by a different motto. Speed and quality can be delivered together.

Kudos to Revlon, iTunes, the NFL, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and especially Sheryl Crow for creating a charitable conduit that is a toe tapping song in earbuds across the land.

We live in the age of speed where we are asked to do more-faster-now. Some motivational examples help us see that it’s possible, even if it appears on a hair care commercial.

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