Activate Purpose and Live It Fully

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Mar 28, 2023 @ 07:26 AM

A person living ‘on purpose’ is happier.


An organization acting ‘on purpose’ is united. A culture exhibiting its purpose is magnetic. People want to be around people who activate their purpose. The question for activators and leaders is how and how fast can I make that happen?

Activate purpose in your lifeThere are headwinds. They are internal doubts and external uncertainty. Activate purpose and you’ll decode all aspects of your personal mission. Look for signposts and tools to propel you forward.

Inside your head and heart, there is fear, ego, childhood setbacks, relationship trainwrecks, financial hiccups, situational deficiencies, imagined roadblocks, and real-time challenges that all mess with the path to living a purpose-focused life. It is all too easy for others to say, “Find your purpose!”

Another headwind is the competition that is all around you. It could be you think that…

➡️ Fantasizing about comfort and security all you want, your competition probably has an agenda that does not include you.

➡️ Getting a job over someone else is in your face.

➡️ Winning a contract over a worthy opponent is weighing on you.

➡️ Capturing your share-of-wallet would eliminate some stress.

➡️ Overcoming paralyzing losses might hold you down.

➡️ Leaving a job for greener pastures plops you in the middle of a field of uncertainty.

How will you stay centered, relevant, and indispensable? How will your team supersede other rivals? How will others know you have their backs?

With my clients, I offer tools for Zenlike equanimity and Ninja-like scrappiness. Meanwhile, self-determination will be augmented by the speed of execution. How wisely they proceed will reveal how far they can exceed their own expectations and those of others.

It all starts with activating purpose.


living in the sweet spot of purposeWhen he was a kid, he dreamed about touring. Dreams have a price. Get this - to open for a headliner, emerging bands like About You, need to pay for food, transportation, lodging, and gear. Yikes!! Below, Max gives us a lesson in getting funded.
People are motivated in two ways.
Fear, Loss, Pain
Love, Gain, Pleasure
He inspires both.
Max's most popular song, MoNa (MOther NAture) wants us to come together and save the planet.
A few months ago, he crowdfunded this goal. "Our goal? Raise a minimum of $10,000 to make this tour more sustainable - every bit makes a difference! Both for the band and the environment.” They came close to their target and went on tour.
When you see social advertising or tv/radio ads you see a

➡️ fear of loss/pain approach or an

➡️ opportunity to gain approach.
“Fear is a more powerful motivator than the opportunity to gain.”
Political ads jockey for your vote. They may demonize “the enemy” while pinpointing the loss and pain if that “horrible person” gets elected. This tactic triggers the amygdala, the brain’s gateway. This fear part of the brain control motivators of anger and disgust. Fear limits information to getting to the prefrontal cortex where good judgment and interpreting long-term consequences are triggered. Another part of the brain (VTA) is also throttled, thereby limiting feelings of reward and pleasure.
So, for those of us who are motivated by fear, we may feel compelled to lock arms with About You in their mission to tour with sustainable initiatives.
For those of us who are motivated to be a benefactor of the arts (or just believe in Max) got a shot of your brain’s feel-good dopamine by supporting the tour.
Max demonstrated we can leverage both fear and love to live the dream.

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