Is This Bad... or Good?

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Mar 20, 2020 @ 02:39 PM

Are things bad, or are they good?

You know what, you never know if things are good or bad.

Let's go back to 1983, I tried luge. The coach told me that I sucked. Well that's bad, well, not necessarily.

Because then I went and got my recreation degree (with a focus on sports marketing). I got a job as the Executive Director for luge in Alberta, so that's good. Well, not necessarily.

Because at the same time, when I quit luge, a guy named Bob Gasper doesn't quit. Five years later, he marches in the opening ceremonies and I watched him compete in the '88 Olympic Winter Games. I had regrets I'd never stuck with luge. So that's bad, well not necessarily.

Because then, I went on to try speed skiing. I dropped everything to start racing, in the hopes of getting to the Olympic games, so that's good. Well not necessarily.

Because I had no ski race experience. So that's bad. Well then, not necessarily because I used mental training techniques to be able to get to those Olympic games, so that good.

Well, not necessarily, because in the Olympic games I had a legitimate shot at a medal and I placed 15th. I lost. So that's bad.

Not necessarily, because I ended up speaking to corporations about striving for excellence. Everybody can relate to that feeling of trying to reach a dream, trying to reach something. And then falling short. Not falling short out of integrity but doing your very best and seeing what happens, so that's good.

Not necessarily because I became a hall of fame and that's good.

Not necessarily. Because right now I'm not giving speeches at all, I'm not going anywhere because of this COVID-19.

So here we are. Here you are.

Is it bad?  Or is it good?

Who knows, just hang in there.

You’ve got this.

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