Covid Campers Empathize, Connect, Collaborate

Posted by Vince Poscente on Thu, Mar 19, 2020 @ 01:56 PM

We have mismanaged focus, and I don't think we're fully aware of it.

Each of us have a focus-default on:

  •    "Where's my next sale coming from?
  •    "Where my next deal coming from?
  •    "Where my next paycheck coming from?"

Whatever your situation is, pause the stuckness regarding what's happening to you, and just extend your vision to what's happening to those in your world.

Then, we can start to lead three ways:

  1. First, is to Empathize, really explain that you understand what they're going through, your customer, your prospect. The people that are really freaked out right now.
  2. The second piece is to be able to Connect them with people in your network, connect them with people that have come through your door in the past. Connect them with ideas.
  3. And then third, Collaborate. That collaboration piece fits in as well, because we're able to then collaborate with them, and say, "Hey, I've got these ideas." It's changed times, so change the way we approach our connection with others, all right?

So Empathize, Connect, and Collaborate.

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