Base Camp Ahead - HeroesClimb - Day 6

Posted by Vince Poscente on Sun, Jul 03, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

Through the valley, we pass peak after peak on either side of us. These Himalayan mountains are like shark's teeth cutting the sky.

After another acclimatization day we look forward to establishing our base camp. The sound of rushing water coming off the countless glaciers bounces off the cliffs on both valley walls of rock. We are well above the tree line and approach the zone where nothing grows.


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Resting is part of Climbing - HeroesClimb - Day 5

Posted by Vince Poscente on Sat, Jul 02, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

Acclimatization & Rest Day at Dwada .

As we prepare for climbing peaks and setting up our advanced base camp we need ensure our bodies can comfortably process the thinner air.

There are a few options we face. Divide the expedition into two parties to climb two unnamed peaks. Keep the team together and climb one peak. Then attempt a second peak the next day. Or, turn back due to conditions Mother Nature has in mind.

Any way this shakes out, we will need to acclimatize and rest.


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Payoff Valley - HeroesClimb - Day 4

Posted by Vince Poscente on Fri, Jul 01, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

Yesterday was a taxing climb. The pass reminded us that oxygen is not over rated.

We don't want to leave Dwada Thatch. But climb we must.

As we trek into the heart of Jiwanal, and these beautiful meadows, we are reminded of UNESCO designating the Great Himalayan National Park as a World Heritage Site.

By the way... Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends.


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No Way to Pass on the Pass - HeroesClimb - Day 3

Posted by Vince Poscente on Thu, Jun 30, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

The reason we are able to trek towards mountains with no names is due to the remote region we are climbing.

The Kandi Galu Pass lays between two striking peaks on either side. 

Pass Kandi Galu is 11,900 feet (3627 meters). On the back side we will enter into the pristine Jiwanala Valley camping at Subli Thatch !


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Up, Down, Up and Up - HeroesClimb - Day 2

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Jun 29, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

We continue to follow the contour of the Saini valley. Centuries of sheep herding trails make the footing easy. We are already so removed the stars blanket the sky.

Our lead guide is Panki Sood. He has been a friend and brother for 10 years. We are in good hands.


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The Trail Head - HeroesClimb - Day 1

Posted by Vince Poscente on Tue, Jun 28, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

Our expedition begins into a remote part of the Himalayas.

We will be entering the least explored valley of the Great Himalayan National Park from the Sainj Side with the blessings of Manu Maharaj – One of the most powerful Gods of the Kullu Valley.


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HeroesClimb #nameamountain Winner Is...

Posted by Vince Poscente on Mon, Jun 20, 2016 @ 02:56 PM

On Father's Day, surrounded by family and friends, David Maish, was notified that he will have a mountain, in the Himalayas, named after him.

The HeroesClimb is about celebrating everyday heroes who climb their own personal mountains. The promotion involved over a dozen finalists who ranged from people dedicated to finding a 2020 cure for ALS, cancer survivors, to children who have overcome profound adversity.

Heroes among us have a number of things in common:

  • They keep climbing. That's what heroes do.
  • Heroes know adversity is behind them.
  • Their disposition is not defined by pessimism. Instead, heroes are eternally optimistic.
  • Heroes among us lead by example, no matter who's watching. Their actions inspire and motivate others. 
  • Heroes avoid ever feeling the weight of regrets.

Each nomination came from a person personally inspired by their own everyday hero.


David Conn, from Dallas, TX nominated Henderson, KY native, Mr. Maish with this description:

"Heroes protect and inspire. David Maish has protected the human spirit and is an inspiration to live a balanced and passionate life. David Maish's inspiration has taught me and others to embrace everything life delivers, good or bad. And, to live with a passionate spirit to make the world better.

Such an easy choice for so many, but would your choice be as simple if...
- a High School sports injury leaves you a quadriplegic
- your fiancé’s life is taken by a drunk driver in a head on collision
- an archaic time where College graduates with disabilities are repeatedly denied job opportunities
- you’re diagnosed with untreatable liver cancer and undergo invasive extraction surgery
- couple that with the day before you are admitted for surgery, your father is killed in a car accident.

A hero like David Maish chooses to:
- Let no obstacle discourage an unbendable spirit.
- Completes his college degree.
- Become a successful business owner.
- Grow a beautiful family with is wife and daughter.
- Defeat cancer.
- All the while, find each day a chance to share laughter, smile and inspiration.

To know David Maish is to know how to live a passionate and positive life. He is not only my hero, he is a hero to all who know, admire and love him."

On behalf of the 10 people attempting to summit an unclimbed mountain on July 4th, 2016, we wish all nominees a heartfelt congratulations on the example you set. You inspire us. Our primary plan is to summit and return safely having named:

Maish Mountain

In the heart of the Himalayas.


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The Ambition Project Show - Reach Your Full Potential

Posted by Vince Poscente on Mon, Mar 28, 2016 @ 04:38 PM

You may enjoy this article by Deirdre Sanborn - drawn from an interview we had recently. Enjoy. (video link below)

I sat down with Vince on The Ambition Project Show to talk about five key ideas from his book, The Ant and The Elephant: Leadership For the Self.  The book is a simple, but powerful metaphor of how to reach your full potential in life.  Vince discovered these keys while on his journey from inexperienced athlete to record-breaking champion and Olympian.


  1. Clarity

Vince didn’t realize that he wanted to be an Olympic athlete until he found himself as a spectator, watching his friends and peers competing as he sat in the stands.  Vince had a moment of clarity--an emotional bomb went off and he clearly knew that he had four years to defy the odds and compete in the next winter Olympics.

As ridiculous as it sounded, there was no turning back from his ambitious, albeit unreasonable, goal. And, sure enough, Vince would go on to set multiple national speed skating records and would compete in the next winter Olympics.

The determining factor was not that he was mildly interested in being an athlete--he was so fired up about it, it informed the way he lived his life from that moment on.  If you’re not passionate about your goal, you aren’t passionate enough to see it through. *click to tweet*

What sparks a fire in you each time you think about accomplishing it?  Write it down, set in stone, give yourself a tangible goal so the decisions made after that point are run through the filter of what you want to accomplish.

Remember--vague goals don’t count!  Every business leader and manager wants to “increase sales" and "lower expenses”, so set yourself apart--be specific and instead say “increase sales by 35% by the close of the first quarter, while decreasing expenses by 5%.”

Clarity sets a visual end point, while vagueness muddles the finish line.

  1. Commitment

Anyone who has been married for more than five minutes understands that commitment is more than just good intentions set out on paper.  Commitment to anything is a process and often means a significant change in mindset to see it through, day after day.

If you’re committed to this goal, what are you actively doing right now to reach it?  Vince identified four key areas that when commitment and discipline are applied, guarantee success down the track.

Financial - Research what it takes to meet your goal.  Prepare business plans, target budgets, manage cash flow, seek out investors, and align yourself with financial providers that will improve your chances of meeting your growth objectives.

Physical - Even if you’re not training for the Olympics, exercise, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep are proven methods to help you stay focused and on track with your goals. Even business leaders need to stay in shape physically since physical health correlates strongly with mental sharpness. Stay on your game!

Technical - Become a student--learn more about what it takes to cross that proverbial finish line.  Read books by people who are leaders in their field who are already doing what you’re passionate to accomplish. Listening to podcasts like The Ambition Project Show that are informative and mind-expanding (shameless pitch) help make learning entertaining and fun!

Mental - The toughest of the four, commitment with your mind requires a unique understanding that delayed gratification is your friend.  Saying “no” to anything less than what you are pursuing takes a sound discipline in staying focused on your goal.

  1. Consistency

At some point in your pursuit, you’re going to want to run away from it, if you’ve dreamed big enough. It’s going to be scary and your commitment to seeing it through will be tested.

Setting habits in place early on will be your backbone when your knees start to shake in fear or doubt. The four areas above (financial, physical, technical, and mental) are the easiest areas to stay consistent and focused.  

Setting a budget, being accountable to a gym partner, or even scheduling reading time into your work calendar all give you a solid foundation to keep going, even when you don’t want to.

  1. Confidence

If your goal is to be the market leader in your industry, you need to be performing at your highest level. Since you’ve already been committed to researching what the current market leaders are doing to set themselves apart, you don’t actually need the experience to be confident to know what direction to take.

The quickest way to poor performance is by letting fear pervade your thoughts.  

High Fear + Low Confidence = Low Performance

Low Fear + High Confidence = High Performance

Vince’s advice is to not let fear debilitate you, but instead let it motivate you.  Fear is always going to ask you “what if”, so take that “what if” and learn from it.  

“What if that new contract falls through?”  Understand now, before heading into it, how you can be prepared so that it doesn’t.  Research the client--why are they looking for a new supplier?  What happened with their previous one?  How can you use it to your unique advantage?

When you’re prepared and proactive, you harness the power of fear and focus it as a powerful motivator.

  1. Control

Even when you’re confidently practicing the other four points, control over meeting your goal may still not feel natural.  

You may even find yourself in a situation where you feel out of control, but that’s never  100% true.  You always have control of what you bring to the situation and your reaction to it.

Vince offers these practical ways to help set you up to be the most confident, high-performing, in-control person in the room.

  • Get there early - Give yourself time to get settled and your work in order.  Being rushed will only make you feel stressed, provoking a fear response.
  • Breathe - Deep breathing is a proven and effective method for physiologically reducing stress.  You’ll feel more relaxed, think clearer, and speak with confidence.
  • Visualize the outcome - Going back to the first point, having a clear picture of your goal in mind will keep focused and motivated to achieve it.
  • “The Vortex Technique” - This is the idea that if you bring your best energy into your mind it will translate into peak performance.
  • Let go and have fun - As trite as this may sound, the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more everyone around you will be.  The key to feeling in control is to not let stress cloud your thoughts--having fun is a quick way to bring everyone’s stress levels down.


There was one point in particular that Vince shared that helped get him on to the ice as an Olympic speed skier--he was willing to more than what his competitors were.  

While most were keenly focused on physical training, Vince threw himself into learning every aspect of speed skiing as he could, which meant investing time and money into reading and understanding his financial requirements.

Take time to really think about what your big goals are and clarify them.  Once that’s done, it’s up to you to do everything in your power to understand what your competitors are doing and what they aren’t willing to do--that is where you will find your springboard to success.

If you enjoyed this content, subscribe to The Ambition Project Show and hear more interviews from inspiring, successful guests.

Deirdre Sanborn is a keynote speaker,  business consultant, and executive coach. She is also the host of The Ambition Project Show. Subscribe to her podcast on iTunes or on the web at You can also find her on Twitter at @deirdre_sanborn or on the web at 

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Top 5 Most Stressful Jobs? Event Planners Make the List

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Mar 09, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

 For a motivational keynote speaker of 20 years, there is very little stress associated with that one hour on stage. But for event coordinators, the mismanaged stress can be all consuming. Persistent, on-the-job stress can manifest into a cadre physical and mental issues. Event planners, you earned every gray hair on your stress-for-success head.


"What stress? They hired pros." Madison Advisors 2016 CCM Roundtable Event Organizers - Kelly Dittrich & Patricia Kilgore

Each of us can readily empathize how serving in the military, police force, fighting fires or flying a plane can be stressful, but you don't truly know how stressful planning an event can be until you've walked a mile of convention center corridors in their shoes.

How hard could it be? Fourteen years ago, the echoes of the stress organizing a surprise birthday party still linger in the dark shadows of my psyche.

The surprise? A fake funeral as my wife's 40th birthday party. The idea (admittedly, not a great one) involved:

  • Invitations sent out as a replica of an obituary in the newspaper.
  • The guest of honor, Michelle, enters and is immediately ushered down the aisle atop a chaise lounge; carried by 6 pallbearers.
  • The event would be hosted by a Professional MC.
  • The eulogies would be given by friends and relatives based on a specific agenda.
  • Between each eulogy, video messages would play from people who couldn't make the Dallas event.
  • A mixer would conclude the event with food and drink.

After just one event, I swore I would:

  1. Appreciate every single event planner I ever met in my keynote speaking career.
  2. Never, ever plan another event unless I hired professionals.
  3. Did I mention, never plan an event without professionals?

The professional MC, Dale Irvin, did a masterful job. He was funny, on point, did a hysterical opening, moved the eulogists along and rolled with any issue that came up. Outside of that, there were PLENTY of issues. The eight guest presenters did a fine job, but organizing them, covering for those who didn't show up as promised, shifting the schedule around for others who wanted to speak at a different time, nudging the amateur-hour-going-long, adding last minute audio/visual handed to me minutes before they were to speak.... Then there was the technology! Making sure the videos played with the right sound and timing. NEVER AGAIN... without professionals.

Event Planners - you have chosen a profession where perfection seems to be your client's minimum expectation. Anything that goes wrong, gets noticed. And in today's world where someone has to take the fall. Tag, you're it. 

If you know, or work with an event coordinator - be kind to them. Give them hugs. Buy them each a massage following the meeting. 

If you are an event planner - be kind to yourself, go get hugs from your adoring fans, get that massage after your event. You picked a rewarding profession with the prospect of a thorny path. 

Oh, and as for organizing a funeral for your wife (in place of a real birthday party...), let's just say, Michelle has a sense of humor but I'll never do that again either.  

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Do You Like Adventure?

Posted by Vince Poscente on Wed, Feb 24, 2016 @ 03:00 AM

These words, first heard 23 years ago on a remote trek, are now for your ears. 

"Do you like adventure?"

If so, you may be interested in one of three available spots for an expedition to summit and name a mountain in the Himalayas. If "adventure" doesn't only involve remote expeditions, you are correct. If "the hammock" is the adventure you'd rather have, you might want to keep reading.


I first heard, "Do you like adventure?" in 1992 when a expedition leader, Frank, needed support along the infamous Adrenaline Surge route of the West Coast Trail. Adventure can be a healthy addiction. Years later I joined teams for the first ever ascent of Chakri Peak (16,000 feet), up the jagged, rocky teeth in Sikkim and to the summit of Shrikhand Mahadev (17,195 ft with my son Max). I also lead an expedition over the 17,000 foot Pin Parvati Pass. Our plan to name a peak near the pass never materialized but one thought never went away. "How cool would it be to name a mountain?" Put that on your bucket list and smoke it. (If you're going to mix a metaphor, at least make it mysterious.) On July 3rd and 4th of 2016 we climbed and named two summits in the most remote parts of GHNP. (Maish Mountain, 15,016 ft and Hana Peak, 14,800 ft).

What adventure is on your horizon?

By their nature, adventures are always easier in retrospect, but also, by their nature, adventure beckons curious souls wanting to squeeze more out of life. Getting comfortable with life is like climbing into a hammock. It can envelop you and won't let you readily escape. On the flip side, adventure can have moments of profound discomfort but laced with supreme bliss, enlightenment and wonder. 

Where is the next adventure you will set out on?

If joining a June 11 to July 25th, 2017 expedition into the Himalayas is of interest to you, click here.


Having been on seven expeditions, five of which in the Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim regions of the Himalayas, I'm now gathering adventure seekers interested in the experience of a lifetime. On June 11th 2017 we will be setting out for a trek to the top of the world. It will be a non-technical climb in the most remote parts of the Great Himalayan National Park. Waiting for us are certain mountains which touch the sky, yet have no name... yet.

If climbing to the unnamed summits is not your cup of chai, then what adventure awaits you?

Enough entropic comfort already. Climb out of that hammock and explore.

Do you like adventure?



PS Remember, this is an "application only" expedition. Application does not equal acceptence. There are only a few spots left. Please be sure to tell us why you would be a valuable member of our team.

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